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For more than 50 years our company has specialized in the manufacture of thermowells for all types and makes of thermometers and temperature sensing elements. A thermowell is the system fitting designed to house and protect sensitive temperature measurement instrumentation from corrosive or harsh process environments. It is therefore essential that thermowells are manufactured correctly per the process engineer's design to be able to withstand the pressure and mechanical stresses that they may be exposed to, as well as any corrosive or erosive media they are likely to meet in a given process environment.

Our products are available in a wide variety of materials to meet any specific need. We maintain an inventory of special alloys and exotic metals such as Titanium®, Hastelloy®-B & C, Incoloy®, 446SS, 410SS, Nickel, Monel®, Alloy® 20, Inconel 600, Teflon®, Aluminum, Duplex SS, F-11, F22, F-91 and A-105 to facilitate prompt fulfillment of orders. For those applications in corrosive environments, we offer a full range of protective coatings & treatments including tantalum jackets and the latest Tantaline® tantalum surface alloy technology. Alloy Engineering's focus on the specific manufacture of thermowells across a broad cross section of industries and processes has developed a wealth of expertise in engineering, materials and production that ensures our customers the best value in quality, delivery and service in the industry.


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